Wednesday, December 16, 2009

ollie's best and worst pop songs of 2009

some of these may be from 2008, whoops..

Best Pop Songs of 2009

1. Jay Z ft. Alicia Keys - Empire State of Mind
2. Kid Cudi - Day N' Nite
3. Jay Z ft. Rihanna and Kanye West - Run this Town
4. Lily Allen - The Fear
5. Kanye West - Heartless
6. NE-YO - Closer
7. Alice in Chains - Check my Brain
8. Shakira - She Wolf
9. Katy Perry - Waking up in Vegas
10. The Veronicas - Untouched
11. Ting Tings - That's not My Name
12. Miley Cyrus - The Climb
13. Miley Cyrus - Party in the U.S.A.
14. T.I. featuring Justin Timberlake - Dead and Gone
15. Lady GaGa - Paparazzi
16. Linkin Park - New Divide
17. Kings of Leon - Use Somebody
18. Michael Franti / Spearhead - Say Hey (I Love You)

Worst Pop Songs of 2009

1. Muse - Uprising: did we really need another spirit in the sky?
2. 3OH!3 - Don't Trust Me: ugggh!
3. Black Eyed Peas - Meet Me Half Way: copying Cyndi Lauper's time after time verbatim in your pro tools session is about as lame as you can get!
4. Owl City - Fireflies: sounds cool... but the creative impulse is a bad copy of a bad copy.
5. Black Eyed Peas - I Got a Feeling: the lyrics and raps in this song are painfully decontextual... sounds like bad kareoke to mario brothers music.
6. Pink - Sober: does anyone really want to hear anything else about pinks hyper annoying personal life? the up high down low too slow chorus is straight out of the high five game.
7. Green Day - 21 Guns: all the young dudes carry the news.who sings that? mott the hoople?
8. Foo Fighters - Wheels: who really wanted to hear someone copy tom petty's learning to fly?
9. The Fray - Never say Never: these guys squeeze the last drop of juice out of the dead horse of radiohead... already sucked to the bone by coldplay et al.
10. Cobra Starship - Good Girls Go Bad: who let these guys out of the dance club?
11. Kelly Clarkson - Already Gone: did we really nead someone to copy Beyonce's copy of Rihanna's Umbrella?
12. U2 - Get on Your Boots: here, U2 sinks to a new low, and plagiarizes the already lame Escape Club's Wild Wild West.
13. All American Rejects - Gives You Hell: these guys put chumbuwumba's tubthumping in their protools session and copied it.
14. Jay Sean - Down
15. Pitbull - I Know You Want Me

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