Monday, March 26, 2012


The Droogs (Adam LaMee, Bobby Wieboldt, Ollie Byrd, Michael Bundy)

This is the flier from my first "real paid gig." Bob, the second from the left, had a neighbor or something who was looking for a band to headline shows at a Daytona Beach club called 600 North. Bob just told the neighbor that he had a band, and that his band would do it. But Bob didn't really have a band.

The next day at school after Bob talked to this lady, I think it was September of 11th grade for me, Bob approached those people whom he thought would make a good band. I was put on guitar, Adam was put on vocals, and my good friend Mike was made drummer. Over a period of 3 weeks we practiced putting a set together. The set was really bizarre. We covered The Doors, Danzig, and the Violent Femmes. The lady came with a photographer to watch the set. That's the day this picture was taken. (We got the gig.)

This was remarkable for Bob to have accomplished all of this. He basically was a pro, Hollywood-style, wheeling and dealing player of the trade - as a senior in high school. And Bob accomplished putting together this band while also living a rich, complicated, and exciting social life. And he was a damn good bass player too. He played with punch, verve, and nuance.

Bob died this month after a long struggle with a chronic arthritis illness. He was a charming, loving, and very friendly guy. He was by no means perfect. But I know that my life would be much less interesting had he not been in it. I'll miss you Bob.

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